What We Do

We offer a wide range of legal services to private individuals and small businesses, providing a service that is friendly, efficient and effective. Click on one of the tabs below for to learn more about our expertise in a specific area

Family Law

Separation and divorce are a fact of modern life. We are experienced in dealing with the legal issues arising when family units break up. These include questions of custody of children, child abduction and cross border issues. We also deal with the financial issues arising on separation and divorce, including claims for aliment, capital sums, transfer of title to houses and pension sharing orders.

Keith Murray also represents clients involved in the Childrens Hearing system and in appeals to the Sheriff Court in respect of challenging referrals to the Children’s panel. He also advises clients in relation to disputes concerning the Child Support Agency and their maintenance assessments.

We pursue and defend claims by cohabitees under the Family Law (Scotland) Act 2006.

Employment Law

The firm handles employment disputes principally on behalf of employees. Keith regularly appears in employment tribunals in Scotland. We also advise clients in relation to Compromise Agreements following agreed termination of employment.

Conveyancing: Buying, Selling and Leasing Property

We handle all aspects of property law, including buying and selling all types of real property, whether flats, houses or building plots. We have experience acting in the purchase and sale of farms, businesses and commercial property. We act for landlords and tenants in letting and selling of residential and commercial property.

Civil Litigation

We have a particular interest in prosecuting or defending civil disputes in the Sheriff Court. We appear regularly in our local courts which are Jedburgh and Selkirk but we also appear in or can arrange representation in other courts throughout the Borders and Scotland.

Wills and Powers of Attorney

We handle all legal issues following death. We act for executors in winding up estates; sometimes we will be instructed to act as executors ourselves.

A significant amount of our work involves issues of incapacity, whether drafting Continuing or Welfare Powers of Attorney or making applications to the Sheriff Court for the appointment of Financial or Welfare Guardians.

We also advise on the mitigation of Inheritance Tax and on the protection of family assets in relation to charges for residential care.

Our Charges

We try to be as transparent as possible in relation to our charges. We believe that our charges are reasonable and competitive. We charge on the basis of time spent. Where possible we will give you an indication as to the time that will be involved in handling your case. In some types of case (eg litigation) this is not always possible because the time spent depends on factors over which we have no control.

It may be that you qualify for support under the Legal Aid scheme operated by the Scottish Legal Aid Board. In those circumstances all or a substantial part of our fees will be paid by the Board. However, you should be aware that in cases where we are successful in recovering or preserving property, the Board may be able to recover the cost of our fees from that property. In such cases, you should regard the Legal Aid scheme simply as a cash flow facility allowing your case to be funded.


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